Last stop before coming home: La Maison du Chocolat

If you have been looking through my food posts from Paris, you clearly see a theme of seafood and chocolate. I couldn’t leave Paris without a stop at La Maison Du Chocolat at CDG airport. The chocolates were out of this world and worth me almost missing my flight. No joke! I almost missed my flight home. The French airline attendants were not happy with me as they tapped their watch at me and looked very intense.


Tres desole! It’s my last meal in Paris for now. 

My friend and I are exhausted from the day’s activities but we persisted to dinner. We wanted to eat somewhere close  to the hotel so we ended up at this French restaurant called Bistrot Au Vieux Comptoir (17 rue des Lavandiers St Opportune) filled with Parisians. We sat, skipped the appetizers, ordered the entrees and left room for desserts.

I ordered a bronzino over a tomato based Risotto and a sweet delicious wine. My friend had a Parisian beer which she highly recommends because of how light it was. It’s my last night in Paris so I order two desserts. A rich and delectable chocolate tart and a non-French dessert called Rhum Baba that is a hit with Parisians according to the waitress. It is basically a partial loaf of bread that the waiter pours rum over and  lets the bread soak it. I definitely got a little buzzed from this dessert since the rum was not cooked out before serving. This meal was bittersweet, but it inspired me to get back to Paris as soon as possible.

Handmade noodles in Paris 

A friend suggested we eat lunch at Happy Nouilles (95, rue Beaubourg, 75003 Paris) in the Le Maris neighborhood of Paris. A neat neighborhood by the way. The hot seafood noodle bowl was delish! I particularly enjoyed the flavorful noodles and loved the chewy texture of handmade pasta. Best of all, the joint was budget friendly.

A candlelight picnic dinner in my hotel room 

How do I top lunch? A picnic with yummy baked goods from the boulangerie at Tour D’Argent in my room since was raining with no end in sight.

Just before leaving Tour D’Argent for good, I head to their bakery for a traditional baguette (per a Parisian who says it is more flavorful and stays fresher than any other baguette). He was right! I also picked up a baguette made with duck and cheese, an apple pastry (breakfast the next day) and a mini chocolate cake.

Thanks to a wonderful friend, I had a very good bottle of champagne waiting for me in my room. I picked up some cheese and jam and commenced with the picnic in my room. I couldn’t ask for a better evening.

When the champagne was finished, I turned to Merlot for my chocolate cake.

The ultimate dining experience at the Silver Tower: Tour D’Argent

Knowing I had a reservation for a special experience, I skipped breakfast and slept in a little.

I arrive at Tour D’Argent early. I wait a while taking pictures. Finally, the moment comes and I am personally escorted up in an elevator with a gentleman in black tie attire. I’m seated at a table looking directly at the Notre-Dame and Seine. The silver tour dates back to 1582. Heads of states, celebrities and President John F . Kennedy have dined there.  Their specialty is pressed duck. The ducks are raised on the restaurant’s farm. Diners who order duck will receive the bird’s serial number. This restaurant was elegant and simple at the same time. I had a sensational time at the restaurant. It was an experience worth the expense.  The team that served me were incredibly attentive and kind. For example, my messy bread plate was quickly removed and a new plate was placed on the table and replenished with a new piece of baguette. At one point during my meal, I got ill and I was personally escorted to the restroom. At one point,  someone came to check on me. While I was gone, my meal was removed from the table and kept warm. Everything was very delicious, but the olive oil ice cream and chocolate plate were the star of the show. Just when I thought things couldn’t get better, a second dessert course was served after cheese was rolled over to me on a cart. I did pass on the cheese since I didn’t want to ruin my dessert course. I fell in love with this pound cake that was topped with a mango gel and finished with lime zest. It was beyond yummy. It stole my heart. The cake was light, flavorful and refreshing. I will recreate it in the Chezlg kitchen as soon as I get a chance.

I didn’t order the crepes suzette, but another table did and it was quite the tableside show. It was a team of two who made the dessert leaving the dining room very aromatic. I captured the show with a few pictures.

Ending a great day with a bang

After a wonderful after dark art experience at a very, cool and contemporary museum – Centre Georges Pompidou. I’m starving and I decide not to look far. I head to the very top of the museum to Georges. As I’m entering the restaurant, I hear great music and start to move a little. The restaurant lights are dimmed. The ambiance is edgy and swanky with music that gives off a club atmosphere. The place screams expensive. At this point, I don’t have a choice. My coat has already been taken. I’m seated with a great view of Notre-Dame. On a budget and knowing I have several meals to contend with, I order a scrumptious shrimp tempura and a glass of fine Bordeaux Citran at the recommendation of the waiter. The wine is heavenly! While waiting for my tempura, I attacked the mini baguette that is presented to me.  Everything was delicious, but I couldn’t leave without having a moist chocolate cake, which is moelleux chocolat in French. It didn’t disappoint.

A gem that I would not know of if I hadn’t met with a Parisian 

A new day begins with cafe express at Patisserie Carette at Sarl Carette Vosges located at 25 Place Des Vosges Paris 03.

In my regular life, I may drink coffee 5 times a year.  In Paris, I drank it every day. The croissants got better with each establishment. Unbeknownst to me, this would be my last croissant in Paris. I made several attempts to make it to Ble Sucre, which apparently has the best croissants in Paris. I failed to make it there. Je tres desole! As for me, Carette has the best croissants including pain au chocolat.

Other baked goods sold at Carette:

It’s lunch time and I want french fries.

I’m walking along the Seine river toward Notre-Dame from Il Saint Louis, when I come by a restaurant that speaks to me. I ask for a seat next to the window especially since the sun wants to say hello to me.

I order the most delicious cheese burger and fries. My initial intention as always is to put the top bun aside to limit calories. In touching the top bun, I realized how fresh and soft the bun is. I couldn’t help it, so ate everything on the plate. Moreover, I couldn’t leave the restaurant without trying the best ice cream in the world. There were many choices so I settled on chestnut and mango ice cream with with an almond tuile. I was so content with my lunch meal. Yes, go ahead and drool over these pictures.

Not satisfied with dinner, I turn to crepes.

At the hotel’s recommendation, I end up at a local restaurant called Creperie Beaubourg at 2 Rue Brisemiche, 75001 Paris where the Parisians are engrossed in their conversations. The place is cool and best of all the hostess thought I was French until things got dicey and I said vous parlez Anglais? LOL!

I ordered a really good glass of red wine and Nutella crepes. A nice end to the day!

Dinner cruise on the Seine

I wanted to see Paris at night and so I boarded a river cruise with dinner. I was served a three course meal. It was okay. I didn’t capture the hake pie that I selected as the entree because it was not my cup of tea. The cruise was a highlight because of the amazing views of the Eiffel Tower and other sites.

Below is everything I was served: