Tres desole! It’s my last meal in Paris for now. 

My friend and I are exhausted from the day’s activities but we persisted to dinner. We wanted to eat somewhere close  to the hotel so we ended up at this French restaurant called Bistrot Au Vieux Comptoir (17 rue des Lavandiers St Opportune) filled with Parisians. We sat, skipped the appetizers, ordered the entrees and left room for desserts.

I ordered a bronzino over a tomato based Risotto and a sweet delicious wine. My friend had a Parisian beer which she highly recommends because of how light it was. It’s my last night in Paris so I order two desserts. A rich and delectable chocolate tart and a non-French dessert called Rhum Baba that is a hit with Parisians according to the waitress. It is basically a partial loaf of bread that the waiter pours rum over and  lets the bread soak it. I definitely got a little buzzed from this dessert since the rum was not cooked out before serving. This meal was bittersweet, but it inspired me to get back to Paris as soon as possible.


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