The ultimate dining experience at the Silver Tower: Tour D’Argent

Knowing I had a reservation for a special experience, I skipped breakfast and slept in a little.

I arrive at Tour D’Argent early. I wait a while taking pictures. Finally, the moment comes and I am personally escorted up in an elevator with a gentleman in black tie attire. I’m seated at a table looking directly at the Notre-Dame and Seine. The silver tour dates back to 1582. Heads of states, celebrities and President John F . Kennedy have dined there.  Their specialty is pressed duck. The ducks are raised on the restaurant’s farm. Diners who order duck will receive the bird’s serial number. This restaurant was elegant and simple at the same time. I had a sensational time at the restaurant. It was an experience worth the expense.  The team that served me were incredibly attentive and kind. For example, my messy bread plate was quickly removed and a new plate was placed on the table and replenished with a new piece of baguette. At one point during my meal, I got ill and I was personally escorted to the restroom. At one point,  someone came to check on me. While I was gone, my meal was removed from the table and kept warm. Everything was very delicious, but the olive oil ice cream and chocolate plate were the star of the show. Just when I thought things couldn’t get better, a second dessert course was served after cheese was rolled over to me on a cart. I did pass on the cheese since I didn’t want to ruin my dessert course. I fell in love with this pound cake that was topped with a mango gel and finished with lime zest. It was beyond yummy. It stole my heart. The cake was light, flavorful and refreshing. I will recreate it in the Chezlg kitchen as soon as I get a chance.

I didn’t order the crepes suzette, but another table did and it was quite the tableside show. It was a team of two who made the dessert leaving the dining room very aromatic. I captured the show with a few pictures.


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