New year means a new beginning

I can’t believe I didn’t post anything in 2016. I resolve to do better in 2017. 

Generally, I will cook on Sundays to get me through the week if I don’t have any other time or occasion to cook. 

This evening, I prepared for my week these Sunday creations. See pictures below. I prepared cannelli beans and spinach seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper.

Next up, I seared salmon in coconut oil.The salmon was seasoned with old bay seasoning, salt and pepper.

For a healthy alternative to rice, I made 3/4 cup of quinoa with a can of black beans with green and yellow squash.

Lastly, I prepared pork chops that were marinated with garlic, adobo, salt and pepper and seared in a pan with bacon fat and finished in the oven. 

Both the salmon and pork will serve as my protein for dinner with a salad.

I will alternate the salmon and pork for lunch with the quinoa or beans and spinach.