Tacos year round


This past year, my go-to food has been tacos with a variety of fillings such as beef, turkey, salmon or cod with  veggies, cheese and a sauce. Either soft or hard tacos individually or together makes me happy. On this particular occasion, it took me three hours to determine what I wanted to eat. Finally, I thought I’ll make tacos since I know I always have a taco kit around. I decided to use whatever ingredients I could find that’s a good combination. I came up with:


Soft tacos
Cooked ground turkey
Cannellini beans
Fresh lime juice over ground turkey
Parmesan cheese
Hot taco sauce
Avacado optional
Sour cream optional

Put soft tacos in a hot pan over medium heat. Add the above items in the  center of each taco. Heat tacos until all items are hot and cheese is just melted through. Top with sour cream and/or additional toppings.

This impromptu dinner was fresh, delicious and satisfying especially with red wine or preferred adult beverage.



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